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Time to fish!

First fish on a fly rod. Red Lodge Creek

Area streams are dropping rapidly, signaling the beginning of the “summer” fishing season. I put quotations around “summer” because that’s a relative term. In reality, we only have two seasons, winter and August.

The Stillwater is clear above the Rosebud. Flows are good for float fishing, not so good for wading. You can’t cross the river on foot and the water is still up in the willows in most places. There are PMD’s out, as well as caddis and yellow sallies. Big stoneflies are not really in evidence yet, but fish are eating a girdle bug really well. Hopefully, that means we will start seeing adults soon. Big winners in my boat have been the girdle bug (or anything with rubber legs) in a size 8 and a size 14 prince nymph. There are some small fish on the PMD’s and caddis here and there. Fish are eating a stimulator or a yellow sparkle dun very sporadically.

Rock Creek and other small area streams are coming around, but still difficult to fish. You may wind up walking a bit between holes. Crossing is not recommended. The further upstream you go, the more pocket water you will find. Trout will eat a tasty size 14 elk hair caddis if you can get the drift. Beadheads and rubber leg nymphs will take fish. Stimulators are a good bet as well.

See you on the river!

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