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When is Spring?

When you live in the mountains of Montana, you try not to ask that question. Better to just ignore the calendar and keep the snow gear by the door.

One sign of spring is run-off. The area streams are big and dirty. Probably will be until late June, maybe early July. Bummer. Or is it?

Three great lake options are within easy striking distance from Red Lodge. Newton Lake, just north of Cody, has big fish. So do Luce and Hogan Lakes, halfway between Belfry and Cody in the Clark’s Fork of the Yellowstone drainage. Fish with big midge larvae under an indicator or strip a simple black or olive bugger. You can sight fish with the streamer to cruisers or just watch the indicator in deep water. Moving into late June, be prepared to throw damsel fly nymphs. It’s not uncommon to see thousands of damsels swimming for shore to hatch.

Hang in there, go fishing. It will stop snowing in August. I promise.

These high plains lakes hold big rainbows.

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