Hoppers and Mayflies Rule

This fat trout is full of hoppers!

The hopper fishing just continues to surprise on all area rivers and streams. I can’t remember a better hopper bite in the 25 years I’ve been in Montana! Now we have the added bonus of fall mayflies. We are seeing tricos on the Yellowstone, but not the huge clouds associated with this bug, yet. There are a number of different mayflies around as well. Look for rising fish in the big tail outs above riffles sipping spinners. Peach or brown hoppers are working best, size 8. The Yellowstoner Hopper is my go to this year. Any size 14 or smaller parachute or spinner will work to match the mayflies. Still using a dropper in some cases, especially in the morning.

Rock Creek is fishing well, with plenty of flow. Small hoppers, parachutes and elk hair caddis are the ticket on all our area streams.

It’s getting cold at night in the mountains, so the high lakes are a bit more challenging. If you get a hot day, try an ant on top. Otherwise, a size 18 Adams will work to imitate mosquitos. An olive bugger is always a good bet.

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