Monthly Archives: March 2019

Finally Fishin’

Wow, that was a hell of a winter! Never got above 0 long enough to go fishing. Just in time to save my sanity, the Shoshone is fishing well. Flows were increased by almost double a couple of weeks ago. The fish were down hard for a while and moss was a bit of an issue. I was over there last Wednesday and things had vastly improved. There are baetis and midges hatching. It wasn’t on fire, but fish were looking for the dry in foam lines and flats. A #16 olive parachute produced well. A #20 midge larvae dropped off the dry took fish. I stripped streamers for an hour or so and caught one nice rainbow on a black and blue bugger. I anticipate the hatches will improve over the next couple of weeks. By then, it’ll be Stillwater time!

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