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Dry Fly Time on the Yellowstone

Tricos and hoppers are dominating the action on the Yellowstone. Look for fish rising to the Trico spinner fall mid-morning. Fish are in the tail-outs and slicks sipping the tiny mayflies. Early afternoon transitions right into hopper time! Nymphs and streamers are not producing very well, even in the early morning. It’s all about the dry! Try your favorite hopper pattern trailed by a size 16 Purple Haze for a searching rig. Use size 18-22 Trico spinner and parachute patterns when fishing to rising fish. Here are a few of the nice trout we’ve taken recently on the dry fly:

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Good Fishing on the Stillwater

Wow, it’s great to have good flows on the Stillwater this late in the season. I was floating from Johnson’s Bridge (Absaroka Access) to Whitebird up until yesterday. The drop right below the access is getting pretty sketchy, so I’ll probably start putting in at Jeffry’s Landing when I float the Stilly from here on. I expect to be on the Yellowstone for the bulk of my trips through the end of the season.

The extended stonefly action this season is transitioning nicely into hoppers. We are starting to get fish on Parahoppers and other grasshopper patterns. The stonefly imitations are continuing to get results. Fish are turning from the bigger nymph patterns to size #14 and down. Pheasant tails, Princes, Montana Princes and other dark colored nymphs are producing the best.

There are some yellow spinners around in the morning, with caddis laying eggs all day. If you look hard enough, you will see a fish feeding on top here and there.

There are a ton of mayflys of all kinds coming off on Rock Creek and it’s tributaries. Adams, Purple Haze, Parachute Hare’s ear are all working on top. Look for hoppers to start soon!

The mountain lakes are fishing well on ants, size 16 Adams, dark Comparaduns and (of course) wooly buggers in black and olive. Try a bugger with a size 14 Prince trailing it. Strip it in with short, quick strips.

Here’s a look at some of the action!

This 18 inch rainbow came out on a rainy day.


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