Nice Weather and Good Spring Fishing

Rock Creek was a real treat today. Beautiful spring day and beautiful, willing trout! There are plenty of bugs around, but no concerted hatch of any one kind. There are March Browns, caddis and baetis. Along with miscellaneous mayflies of all sizes and colors. Fish were eating a size 14 Prince dropped from a big Purple Haze in the early afternoon. Later in the day, clouds started showing up and the bugs came out. A couple of fish refused the Purple Haze, so I took that as a sign. Switched over to a #14 brown parachute dry fished without the dropper. While no fish were actively rising, they were chowing on my parachute. The Prince took larger fish, but it’s always a blast to catch fish on a dry fly regardless of size. Get out there soon. This warm weather means run-off is right around the corner.

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