Spring? Hatches still on hold.

We’re still in a holding pattern for our spring hatches. The extended winter weather and fluctuating flows seem to have put things off. Some March Browns and  baetis are around almost every day, but never in enough numbers to get fish rising. Even a few caddis pop here and there. But when you check the bushes, it’s hard to find one. Maybe the famous “Mother’s Day Caddis Hatch” will actually be on Mother’s Day this year!

Flows are really fluctuating right now. Expect the clarity of the Stillwater to change over the course of a day. Last Monday, we started out with a couple of feet of visibility. By 2 pm it had cleared to about three feet. By 5pm it was back to 2 feet.

The fishing has been tough. Big rubber legs and brown worms (oh my) are sticking a few fish. Throw a big #12 Purple Haze for a dry and you may stick a fish on well defined foam lines. Streamer fishing has been slow, but no slower than anything else! You really have to throw some meat, meaning big flies, to get much attention. Black is always better when the water is off color.

It was good to get out with Jimmy Brummel from Texas again after three years. He and Julia were my victims last Monday. We had fun on a rainy, cold day. Even if the catching wasn’t the best!

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