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Great fishing on the Yellowstone and Shoshone!

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Still fishing the Yellowstone and lovin’ it! Where else can you go and catch fish on little drys, hoppers, nymphs and streamers? Oh, I forgot. Saw three boats yesterday and one today (Saturday and Sunday). Also destroying trout on the Shoshone with one or two boats per day. You go fish the Horn, I’m doing just fine!

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Montana Trout Scout Still Fishing Despite Yellowstone Closure!

While the closure of the majority of the Yellowstone and it’s tributaries is an unprecedented event, it does not mean the end of fishing as we know it! Rock Creek and the Clark’s Fork remain open. That means we have the only fishable trout water from Gardiner to Billings! Montana Trout Scout will be running walk and wade trips on Rock Creek and the Clark’s Fork. We will be floating the Yellowstone below Laurel, the Shoshone at Cody, and the Big Horn. We have been fishing these waters for over 20 years. All of our readers from the Yellowstone region can rest assured that we are among the most experienced guides on these waters. If your outfitter has cancelled your fishing trip, give us a call! We are still going strong!

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Hopper Time!

Fish are eating the hopper on the Stone! Good action on the hopper from about 11 am right up until the closure at 2pm. FYI, Hoot Owl restrictions apply  on the Stone and Stillwater. No fishing from 2 pm till midnight due to high water temps. A double nymph rig is the best bet early. A big stonefly nymph on top with a #14 prince, pheasant tail or other standard freestone attractor below. Best action by far is from 10:30 or so until 2 pm.

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