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All About the Stonefly Nymph

Well, who ever heard of fishing the Stillwater and Rock Creek on Memorial Day? Looks like we might squeak out one last weekend before run off. Right now, flows are strong and wading is challenging. Expect some color in the water. Use the standard high water flies, especially stonefly nymphs and black buggers. The fish were absolutely attacking a size 10 halfback this week on Rock Creek. Now, halfbacks are hard to find

Rock Creek. Doesn't get any better.

Rock Creek. Doesn’t get any better.

Brown on a yummy halfback!

Brown on a yummy halfback!

anymore. That’s an old, traditional stonefly nymph pattern. Most of the new stonefly patterns have rubber legs now. And they work just fine. The important thing is choose something┬áblack colored to contrast with the dirty water. Fish the drop off at┬áthe head of deeper pools and runs for the best results. Now get out there and fish!

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