Stillwater and Yellowstone in Good Shape!

The Stillwater is about perfect for float fishing above Absarokee. Good flow, gin clear water and willing trout. Not much on the dry fly, but a girdle bug or dark bead head dropper was gettin’ it done yesterday. I look for the dry fly action to heat up in the next few days. Below Absarokee, the water is off color but fishable. Wade fishing is difficult. Crossing the river on foot is not an option.

The Yellowstone is more green than brown. Flows are high, but it’s definitely fishable. Fish big stonefly nymphs like the girdle bug, Montana stone, or any big rubber legged nymph under a bobber (sorry, I mean “indicator”) with lead to get it deep in the big holes.

Rock Creek is fishing well, but wade fishing is difficult. Crossing the creek will be very challenging. Try the same flies as listed for the Stillwater.

The west fork of Rock Creek, West Rosebud, East Rosebud and other small streams are clear and fast. Fish the pockets behind rocks and structure, or deep holes. Use a girdle bug with a little split shot, bouncing along the bottom. Keep the rod tip high and a tight line to the fly.

The high mountain lakes are ice free and fishing well on parachute Adams, ants, bead heads under an indicator and streamers.

Low country lakes are getting a bit warm, but fish are being taken on damsel and dragon fly nymphs and adults.

We don’t often get the opportunity to fish area rivers and streams before the first week in July, so get out there and enjoy it!

Craig Beam

Montana Trout Scout


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