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Midges on the Big Horn

rps20150212_173913rps20150212_174006_300Early Febuary on the Horn. Nymphs, streamers and dry flies, the trifecta!

Chris Fleck and I had a great time on the Horn last week. Got a nice cabin and stayed the night in comfort. Monday, we caught fish on midge larvae and scuds. Tuesday it was streamers and dry flies in a snowstorm. The temperature dropped to 34, wind started blowing, and fish got on midges on the surface. The takes were very subtle, so you had to really stop and look. Fishing a size 22 paramidge emerger in bad light to sipping fish was a real challenge. You had to tune in to changes in the quantum continuum and just set the hook! Needless to say, more fish were missed or lost after a couple of seconds than were caught, but that’s what keeps us going back for more.

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