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Calm Before the Storm

In light of the weather forecast, “Major Winter Storm” or “Polar Vortex” or “Snowpocalypse”, I made one last trip over to the Clark’s Fork of the Yellowstone. The weather was absolutely perfect. Warm, partly cloudy¬† and NO WIND!! I started off stripping the Grinch with no result. I like the streamer on the Clark’s Fork for big brown trout this time of year, but they were not chasing. Luckily, midges started popping and fish got on them. It wasn’t pandemonium, but there were a few pods rising here and there. I pulled out the four weight and tied on a single parachute midge. The fish were extra spooky. When I stuck one, the rest went down and did not come back. I moved up the river and found more risers. After

Wyoming sunset over the Clark's Fork

Wyoming sunset over the Clark’s Fork

Heart Mountain, winter on the way.

Heart Mountain, winter on the way.

sticking the first fish in each pod, the rest vanished. Walking back downstream, I put on a double nymph rig. The nicest rainbow of the day ate a red midge larvae right below the truck. Great finish to a great fall of fishing!

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