Still Waiting…

We are still waiting for the rivers and streams to come down enough to fish. Most streams in the area are about double their average flows for July. There seems to be an almost endless supply of snow in the Beartooths this summer. The Yellowstone may be the first to get fishable. It’s dropping a bit and slowly clearing up. The Stillwater is maybe starting to mellow a touch, but it’s a long way from fishin’.

On the upside, the Great Moss Debacle on the Bighorn is getting better. They increased the flow enough to dilute the floating moss and start flushing it out. Chris and I fished it during the worst of the moss. Here’s a pic of a nice brown that ate my #8 Fat Albert. We were fishing big hoppers with a short dropper to try to keep out of the moss. This it the only fish landed on the hopper, but we got a few eats and several looks. The dropper worked pretty well, considering. Landing fish in all that moss was, let’s just say, challenging. Leave it to two PWT Yellowstone guides to catch fish on a hopper with a bead head pheasant tail on the Bighorn in June!

Check out the massive hopper in his jaw!

Check out the massive hopper in his jaw!

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