March (or is it April?) Brown hatch on the Yellowstone

Beartooth Front heading to the Yellowstone River

Beartooth Front heading to the Yellowstone River

Fishing in April can be a challenge in Montana. Yesterday, Kory and I floated the ‘Stone. It was a nice day, temp in the mid forty’s when we put on. Ten minutes later, the wind started blowing. And I do mean blowing. We stopped to wait it out behind some bushes and drink a beer. Another drift boat that had put on right behind us went flying by, doing at least 15 miles an hour. Finally, Kory set up a rod and went down to fish. I stayed in my hidey hole. He caught a couple nymphing. As the temperature rose, the wind went down a little. Still very strong, but a little better. We got back in the boat. A few minutes later, a nice March Brown hatch started and fish got on them. We stopped on a nice run and pretty much had our way with rising fish. Great fun, even casting straight into the wind. As the day began to wind down, we fished the dry from the boat. The bugs were thinning out, but we still caught several nice fish on the way in. All in all, a great day of spring fishing on the ‘Stone.

The winning flies were a #12 brown parachute and a #14 hare’s ear. I stripped streamers from the boat for the first hour before we stopped to wait out the wind. Got one bump and that was all.

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