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Mayflies on the Yellowstone

Way to go, Bob!

The hopper fishing is transitioning to fall mayfly and streamer fishing on the Yellowstone and most area streams. We are getting PMDs, sulfurs, grey drakes, and various other mayflies coming off sporadically. Tricos are still there, but fish are now taking a size 16 parachute with regularity. Makes it a lot easier than trying to use a #24 spinner. The dropper nymph is producing very well and the hopper will still get a few strikes on hot days. Bob’s big rainbow ate a #16 red copper john.

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Cooler night time temperatures in the high country mean cooler water temps on the Yellowstone and Stillwater

We are finally over the hump in terms of water temperatures. Despite all the doom and gloom being preached by local “fishing pundits”, we have not experienced any fishing restrictions on either the Stillwater or the Yellowstone this summer. I even won a six pack from a friend who assured me that Hoot Owl restrictions would be in place by Aug. 1. My advice, as usual, is to just go fishing and see for yourselves. I’ve been on the Yellowstone almost every day for the last month. There have been some slow days due to the heat and sun, but there always are in August. There were some pretty incredible days out there, too. Now that the water temps are coming down, the fishing is picking up, just like it does every year. The Yellowstone is fishing well on any beadhead dropped off a hopper. You will get a few hopper eats as well.

I actually floated the Stillwater yesterday at about 330 cfs. Pretty bony, but it fished well. I did have to drag the boat a few times and make the anglers walk a bit, but we made it with a minimum of clown shows. I probably won’t float it again at that flow, but wade fishing it is just fine. Every time we stopped to wade a run, we caught a few fish. One hole yielded nine fish. Most ate a red copper john, but a few ate the hopper it was dropped from. We caught a couple on the streamer as well.

That is all. Go fish.

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