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Tricos on the Yellowstone

The trico spinner fall is in full swing on the Stone. Fish are sipping spinners all morning in the slicks and flats. Unfortunately, these mayflies are a size 22. I’ve been fishing a spinner behind a parachute so we can see it. Even so, this is some of the most technical fishing you can do. Crystal clear water and slow current mean the fish can see you line and leader, especially if you don’t lay it down easy. Hoppers and droppers are working on the Stone in the afternoon. The low flow has opened up some nice new shelves and riffles in the middle of the river. Don’t ignore them.

There are PMD’s on the Stillwater in the mornings. Otherwise, hoppers and droppers are the ticket. Nymphing is slow.

Still hopper time on Rock Creek and it’s tributaries.

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Still Hammering the Hopper!

The hopper is king on all area streams and rivers. There are still some PMD’s around on cloudy days, but it’s all about the hopper. Here are some pics of nice fish that ate the big bug. Pat finally caught a fish.

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